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EPS = Enthusiasm (with) Perseverance (equals) Success

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Updated May 27/18.
  • Club Information

    2018 EXECUTIVE:

    Chairman: Sandy Briggs, Powassan, Ont.
    Vice Chairman: Ann McFadden, Sunderland,Ont.
    Treasurer: Marnie Wallace, South River, Ont.
    Secretary: Ivan Paul, RR 4, Powassan, Ont.,P0H 1Z0.

  • EPS Training Associates is a non-profit training and performance event club, devoted to dog training in a wide variety of fields and offering CKC approved events.

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    Water mark at a WC tests.

  • General Information for all


    All events held under the rules of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).
  • CKC Office: 400 - 200 Ronson Ave., Toronto, M9W 5Z9. 416-675-5511. email: information@ckc.ca
  • CKC Executive Director: Lance Novak, CKC Head office.
  • Northern Ontario Director: Richard Paquette, Azilda, Ont.
  • N.Ont Tracking Rep: Sandy Briggs, Powassan, Ont.
  • N.Ont. HT Rep: Dr Joey Farrell, Thunder Bay, Ont.
  • N.Ont. WC rep: Sandy Briggs, Powassan, Ont.

  • HQ for all events hosted by EPS Training Assoc is Wimberway Kennels & Farm, 808 Memorial Park Dr., RR 4, Powassan, Ontario, P0H1Z0.
  • Obedience and rally trials are in a fenced grassy area at HQ.
    Tracking Tests are held in the general area but some driving is required for the different Urban sites.
    Retriever Field tests will be held nearby at different locations (depending on cover and water levels, etc).

    On site camping/trailer parking is limited WITH NO HOOK UPS.

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    2018 EVENTS

  • SEPT 29-30
    Sept 29 - TD and TDX tracking tests. Judge: Jane Book, Smithville, Ont.
    Sept 30 - UTD and UTDX tracking tests. Judge: Jane Book.
    Entries for the tracking tests open Sept 6 and close Sept 14.
    Sept 29 - afternoon - 2 obedience and 2 rally trials. Judge: Darwin Boles, Kemptville. ON.
  • Combined trials limited to 5 hours judging.
    Entry forms will be posted closer to the date.


  • TRACKING TESTS, MAY 25-26, 2018. Judge: Sandy Briggs.
  • Passes were earned by the following dogs:
    TD: Sheltie, Redpine's Sormin Blue Streak RE CD AgNJS, AgIS.
    Dawn MacDonald, Shweryl & Yvon Touchette.
    TDX: Belgian Shepherd, HouseofTerv's Burning Star TD, UTDX,
    Janet & Dayna Brown.
    TDX: Eng Cocker Spaniel, Carefree's Mile a Minute TD,
    Karen Schwager,
    UTD: Eng Cocker Spaniel, Carefree's Mile a Minute TDX,
    Karen Schwager.
    UTD: Eng Spring Spaniel, Bryden's Pistols n Petticoats TDX,
    David Swatwood, Debbie Maheu, and Ed Presnall.

  • RALLY TRIALS trials, May 26. Judge: Susan des Cotes.
  • Passes earned by:
  • Novice A
    Oscar, Dachshund, Samantha larouche, 83 - not in trial 2.
    Leila, Am Cocker, Cindu Susut, 97. - not in trial 2
  • Intermediate
    Wimberway's G'Cheeko RN, Labrador, Ivan Paul (Dale Canning) 70 in trial 2.
  • Advanced B
    Ch Foxgrove's Effervescence RN, NSDT Retriever, Chelsey Protilipac, 77 and 93.
    Ch Wimberway's Bdr Queen Boudicea RE, Border Terrier, Lyne & Ian Trott, 87 and 84.
  • Excellent B
    GCh, TCh, MOTCh Redpine's One For the Books, RAE, AgXIS, Sheltie, Dawn MacDonald, Sheryl & Yvon Touchette. 99 and 88.
  • Master
    GCh, TCh, MOTCh Redpine's One For the Books, RAE, AgXIS, Sheltie, Dawn MacDonald, Sheryl & Yvon Touchette. 99.5 and 98.

  • OBEDIENCE TRIALS, May 26. Judge: Sandy Briggs.
  • Qualifying scores earned by:
  • Novice A
    Ch Symann's Miss Effect, RE, AgXS, AgIJS, Bulldog, Tracey Bradley, Kristie Randle, Craig Rogers. 191.5 , and 184.
  • Novice B
    Ch Wimberway's Bdr Queen Boudicea RE, Border Terrier, Lyne & Ian Trott, 172 (2nd trial)
  • Open A
    No qualifying scores.
    Open B
    OTCHX Foxgrove's Slice of Pi, RE,WC, NSDT Ret., Chelsey Protulipac, 194 in 2nd trial.
  • Utility B
    OTCHX Foxgrove's Slice of Pi, RE,WC, NSDT Ret., Chelsey Protulipac, 193.5 in 1st trial.


  • Members are involved in a wide variety of dog related activities. They are willing to share their information, and help anyone who wants to get started in the same field.

  • Several members visit regularly with THERAPY DOGS in Seniors and Nursing homes, as well as visiting youth groups.

  • One member has her own team of Huskies and enjoys sledding for pleasure in the winter.

  • Members compete in licensed obedience trials and at any given time, members have dogs working in different trial levels.

  • Several members compete in either CKC or AAC agility trials (or both), and have earned titles, while others train just to have fun.

  • Several members are involved in Tracking, and also in CKC activity of Rally-O, which became an official events on Jan 1/07, and have competed in CARO Rally-O trials.

  • Two of our members operate Animal Control/Animal shelters in their own areas, and have been able to send unclaimed, unwanted healthy young dogs down to Oakville for training as Hearing Ear or Special Skills dogs. Several members also are local representatives in their "breed rescue" clubs.

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  • Highlights

  • The club was formed in 1987, and although the membership has remained small, members keep in touch by email and phone.

  • EPS ran its first licensed obedience trials soon afterwards, and in 2002 increased the trials to 6 obedience trials - 2 in June and 4 in September.In 2005, they ran 5 trials in September.

  • EPS is currently the only club in the Near North that is running Working Certificate Tests, and Hunt tests, for Retrievers. Most years tests have been run in early June and again late in August. In 2006, several mid-week tests were run, but due to poor entries, the mid week trials haven't been done since.

  • In 2000, for the first time in the area, a Field trial Conformation show was held by a retriever club in conjunction with a trial. Standard Poodles, being eligible for the WC tests, were also able to compete in the show and the trials.

  • Agility training indicated a need in the area for licensed agility trials, and EPS held the first ever CKC Agility trials in the near-north in 2001, and have run four trials each year since. As of 2016, agility trials are no longer offered.

  • In 2004, the club ran its first licensed Tracking Test, and had 8 entries in the TD level, and 2 in the TDX level.
    In both 2005 and 2006, and most trials since, the Tracking test entries filled the day the entries opened.
    When Urban tests were approved, the club started running Urban tests as well, and now run tests Spring and Fall each year.

  • We have a page for dogs owned in the area that have earned tracking titles can be accessed from the main Wimberway index or N.Ont Tracking dogs.

  • Members have earned many titles at the club's trials, and at other trials and events in Ontario.

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