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  • The list of clearances for Canadian owned or Canadian bred Labradors is updated regularly. The 2002 update is now almost complete. For the next edition, there will be a deadline of Jan 31/05 for updates or new additions.

  • The list includes any Canadian owned or bred Labrador that has a clearance for hips, elbows, eyes, heart, or other known genetic problem. All submissions to the list are voluntary, and have to be submitted by the owner or the breeder.

  • Each individual dog is listed alphabetically by registered name. Information on each dog on the list includes: sex, colour, sire, dam, and any supplied clearances.

  • Clearances that have been included so far can be any one, most, or all of the following: hip certification, elbow certification, eye certification, heart clearance, windmorgan, and pennhip information as supplied.

  • The hip and elbow certifications have to be done through a recognized body such as OVC (Ontario Veterinary College) or the OFA (Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals). The dog's individual certification numbers are shown, as well as the body certifying the joints.

  • Eye clearances can be CERF (Canine Eye Registry Foundation) or ones done by an ACVO (American College of Veterinary Ophthamologists) Diplomate who is certified to complete forms as required by CERF. Eye checks done in any other way are identified as being "Vet checked". For those without CERF numbers which include the age of the dog in the number, the age in months and year last checked are required as well as the information on whether they were checked by an ACVO Diplomate, or other Veterinarian.

  • Tricuspid Valve Disease (TVD) has been a problem in some other breeds and there are limited places for obtaining the proper clearances for heart problems. Dogs that have been cleared are listed as such.

  • The Windmorgan and Pennhip certifications are also included.

  • When the information is supplied, an indication is given of the parents' clearances as well in the individual dog's listing. If the parents are shown with clearances, and are Canadian owned or bred, they will also be listed individually in the book.

    NEW IN 1999

    New in 1999 was a listing of litters that have had their eyes checked under 4 months of age by an ACVO Diplomate. This early check is designed to indicate pups that are free of retinal folds. Retinal folds can be an indication that the dog is a carrier for Retinal Dysplasia, and may also be a carrier for dwarfism.

    The litter listing indicates the date the litter was born, how many pups where whelped, how many were checked, how many were cleared, and the age at which they were checked, as well as the sire and dam of the litter.

    NEW IN 2000

    In the 2000 list we have a section devoted to Optigen and Health-Gene ratings for those who wish to submit them. The Optigen DNA marker test is designed to show the probable status of the dog in relation to late onset PRA. It is a marker test, and false alleles have caused some results to be in error. Work is still on-going on finding the actual gene(s) that carry PRA.


    Every name on the list has been supplied voluntarily. It is not to be considered a complete listing of all Labradors in Canada that have clearances. There are some breeders and owners who do not wish to participate. This does not mean or imply that they do not have their dogs checked and cleared.

    The original listings were done in the Labrador Owners Club bulletins. Subsequently, the list was opened up to members of the Labrador Retriever Club of Canada, and to anyone interested in submitting information.

    Should you have a Canadian bred or Canadian owned Labrador Retriever that has any or all clearances, and you would like to see the information added to the list, you are welcome to submit your information in the following format:
    Name of dog, sex, colour.
    Clearance info: Hips: OVC or OFA certification numbers.
    Elbows: OVC or OFA certification numbers.
    Eyes: CERF number, or ACVO listing with age in months and the year when last cleared.
    Windmorgan/Pennhip: information supplied on certificate.
    Name of sire. If his clearance information is known, this can be submitted as well.
    Name of dam. If her clearances are known, this can be submitted as well.
    The above information should be emailed directly to me at: sbriggs@onlink.net.


    To obtain the 2000 edition of the clearance list, along with a cross reference to the sires and dams, contact me directly. There is a nominal charge for the book to cover the cost of printing, shipping, and handling. Copies of the 1999 are sold out. Thankyou for your support.

    The new edition should be available by the end of May, 2002.


    This list came into being because there is no other source for Canadian clearances. OVC will only release the information on a dog to that dog's owner. The ACVO clearances which are not submitted to CERF, can also only be obtained from the owner.

    In recent years, due to accident, or fire, several breeders have lost their original certiifcates and their breeding records. If this information had been "on the list", they could have contacted the certifying bodies and applied for duplicate certificates, knowing the numbers. Other breeders have died, and their records have been destroyed or lost, so no-one can verify any clearances for dogs from these breeders.

    The list allows anyone to go through the book and mark the clearances on pedigrees of dogs they own, provided they have been submitted. It can also help do research on a pedigree as the individual dogs are listed alphabetically, and most have their sires and dams shown.

    If you would like a copy of this list, please email me directly for more information.

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