Ch Wimberway's Border Top Secret TD,TDX,AgIV, AgIJV. (Wok)
Ch Standish's Kenny Rogers, *#@ (Banjo) Am,Mex Int. Ch Glenbucket Wee Tam (Imp), *#, Lairdhope Ground Control, Scot's Guardsman
Linhope Lady
Glenbucket Wee Emma, Highland Laddie,
Jean's Bairn,
Am Ch Standish's Tequila Sheila Am,Mex, Ch Glenlair's Gold Card Am Ch Krispin Jack B Nimble
Am,Mex Ch Standish's Dream Ticket,*,
Am Ch Standish's A Salute To Jimmy Standish's Bo Brady *
Am Ch Vabrook's Copper Penny

Can Ch Wimberway's Border Legend, *#,
Ch Wimberway's Border Cox'n *#@ Wimberway's Border Oscar,# Wimberway's Border Jorge,#.
Wimberway's Border Diamond TT, #
Rosecrest Wimberway Red Pepper, Ch Braemar Rosecrest Bugsy Malone CD,#
Ch Wimberway's Border QT Holly.#
Rosecrest Wimberway Ruf N Redi,*# Ch Braemar Rosecrest Bugsy Malone CD # Am,Can Ch Braemar's Action Jackson
Am,Can Ch Braemar's Lothlorien Krispin
Ch Wimberway's Border Towntalk, Am,Can Ch Braemar 's Action Jackson
Ch Wimberway's Border QT Holly #

* = hips x-rayed and certified clear of Hip Dysplasia (HD).
# = eyes examined and cleared of congenital eye defcts.
! = elbows x-rayed and certified clear of Elbow Dysplasia, (ED).
@ = heart checked and cleared of congenital defects.

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